Sunday, February 27, 2005

From Despair To Where

The excellent philosophical/political blog Charlotte Street brings my attention to Stuart and Dave's communist blog From Despair To Where. FDTW's interesting Welcome references Debord and Brecht, the SPGB and No War But The Class War, Marx and Bill Hicks, and for those names alone seems worth keeping an eye.

From Despair To Where is kind enough to list Timid Maximalist in its blogroll - I hope they manage to post a little more often, and more consistantly, than I have managed.

The authors say: "The trouble is, we think we might have taken Marx's advice to "doubt everything" a bit literally, and gone a bit potty. So the blog is also an attempt to figure out a road from political despair to … where? We're not at all sure." I'm looking forward to reading more because I too am trying to figure out something of the same.