Monday, November 01, 2004

Bush v Kerry - on flattering a distraction

Tomorrow, America goes to the polls. And numerous of the blogs that I enjoy, numbers of my friends, even the newspaper I read, are all encouraging those who can vote to vote for Kerry, are all hoping for a Kerry victory. The pas au-delà blog even calls for a Kerry vote whilst posting a situationist graphic against voting (I presume that is postmodern sophistication?) But the graphic is pre-ironic (and still right) and pas au-delà's support for Kerry is as uncomfortable as it is unfathomable.

Much of me feels that writing against Kerry - or against the farce of an election where two millionaires seek to become CEO of USA Inc. - flatters an absurd (one could even say unethical) distraction. Does anyone really need reminding that the Clinton administration, but four years ago, ran the White House and that that was hardly a time of prosperity and equality for working people nor of peace in the world? Does anyone bemoaning the right-wing cabal running the White House really need reminding that a left-wing cabal currently running Downing Street has been Dubya's strongest ally? It would seem sadly, shockingly, that they do.